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Subject: Workflows

easysquare release workflow for condition changes

Secure and transparent management of condition changes to vendor contracts

Automated workflows can greatly facilitate day-to-day work in real estate management. Let's consider, for example, the seemingly simple change of conditions. Where adjustments to contact data have hardly any impact on management, changes to the basic rent or instalment payments can have a significant effect on the gross amount in the cash flow. PROMOS has developed an intelligent release process for easysquare workflow in order to map the monetary movements behind the real estate contracts transparently and securely.

The easysquare release workflow for condition changes takes into account both manual and automatically created changes, ensures compliance with company specifications by means of release levels depending on the amount of the condition sum and offers a traceable overview throughout the entire process as well as an easy-to-use tool for managing and checking condition adjustments.

The easysquare release workflow for condition changes is started automatically as soon as contract changes are made that result in a change to the cash flow. In this way, changes can no longer be easily triggered by a single person, but usually go through several authentications, depending on the amount of the condition sum.

Changes step by step

There are a total of three release levels to potentially go through. Depending on the size of the change, the condition release workflow contains either one, two or three release levels. Large condition changes, for example, must be authorised by several people. The size is determined completely automatically, meaning that no time needs to be spent on the task.

Everything in a flow

If a change in the condition total exceeds a certain minimum value, the relevant release instances are automatically notified. In this case, the change can only take place with your approval.

Of course, contract changes can also be initiated manually so that they trigger the start of manual condition release workflows. For example, if an employee inserts a change in the contract, a new condition is created.

Furthermore, the processes cannot be terminated arbitrarily. All changes made must be manually undone in the corresponding contract. A reason for terminating a process must always be entered at this point in order to maintain maximum transparency.

Condition changes can also be rejected, although a reason for rejection is also required here.

Thanks to the PROMOS extension, condition changes that are subject to a release workflow can be tracked transparently and clearly in SAP® without having to jump to the contract.

Further information

  • Master data lock: Additional security is provided by the master data lock. It is automatically activated when a release process is active. In practical terms, this means that a contract can only be changed from within the actual process and only by certain employees. This prevents a change from being used before it has been finally released. The master data lock can only be cancelled by certain workflow step owners and only for certain steps.
  • Agent finding: The release determination takes into account the SAP users linked to business partners in the accounting entity.
  • Changes by external stakeholders: An interface enables transactions to be processed quickly, even with external stakeholders. For example, if a scanning service provider submits a certain amount of money to SAP®, the change is immediately forwarded to the system. The company can then approve or reject it in the case of a large sum.
  • Customising: Releases can be defined individually for each contract type.

Your benefit

Security: All changes to the contractual conditions are subject to previously defined authentications.

Transparency: Manual changes are subject to a dual control principle and automatically recorded changes can be carried out automatically. A process list provides an organised overview of all workflows.

Automation: In addition to providing increased security, the high level of automation in the release workflow for condition changes enables faster workflows.

Time and labour savings: Essentially, a lot of unnecessary paperwork is eliminated and changes can be processed at lightning speed. In theory, employees no longer even have to seek out a contract to initiate or release a change.

End user

  • Inventory management
  • Real estate management

Technical requirements

  • SAP S/4HANA®
  • RE-FX

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