Portfolio No.: 9602-02
Subject: Data Protection

PROMOS workflow anonymisation

The smart process anonymisation for easysquare workflow

In the digital age, companies are storing more data than ever before. Whether it is when changing tenants, agreeing an instalment payment or as part of correspondence in a tenant app, personal data is also stored in various processes in your SAP® system and is subject to protection under the EU GDPR. Companies are therefore well advised not only to irreversibly change the personal data of a business partner as soon as the purpose for storing it no longer applies, but also to check and anonymise all processes associated with the business partner or rental contracts.

PROMOS offers a range of effective tools to implement the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in a legally compliant manner. In addition to an information report on all data processed for the business partner in the system and its automated anonymisation, the data protection portfolio also includes a useful tool for anonymising personal data in easysquare workflow processes.

To protect sensitive data within your downstream processes, PROMOS provides you with a helpful tool for SAP® in the form of workflow anonymisation. Using a separate tile, all data protection-relevant process fields, process systems and long texts as well as notes for a process can be anonymised or made unrecognisable according to previously defined rules.

Workflow anonymisation in two steps

First, a preparatory measure must be taken to identify which process is to be anonymised and when. For example, a process may belong to a specific business partner. In this case, the process is anonymised as soon as this has also been done for the business partner. It is also possible to specify that anonymisation should take place after a defined time period following completion of the process. Accordingly, processes can be differentiated as follows in terms of their reference to the business partner:

1. Processes without a direct or indirect link to the business partner: This includes all processes that have no direct link to an SAP® business partner but still contain personal data. These are anonymised after a defined retention period.

2. Processes with a direct link to the business partner: These are processes that have been created for or linked directly to a business partner. As soon as this business partner has been anonymised, the associated processes must also be anonymised.

3. Processes with an indirect reference to the business partner: There are also processes that have been created for or linked to a rental agreement. In this case, the linked processes are only anonymised once all business partners of the rental contract have been anonymised.

After identification by filling in an allocation table, the final anonymisation or removal of the personal data contained in the process takes place in a second step.

Selektionsmaske für die Anonymisierung von Workflow-Prozessen

Selection screen for the anonymisation of workflow processes

Further information

  • Results log: A well-arranged log summarises all important information on the success of the anonymisation. Users receive information on whether a workflow was deleted, whether all technical checks were successful or whether anonymisation could not be carried out because a retention period has not yet been reached, for example because there are still open items for the contract.
  • Data protection solution package: PROMOS workflow anonymisation is just one of numerous tools from the PROMOS data protection portfolio for implementing preventive measures to avoid costly data protection breaches and negative effects on a company’s reputation.

Your benefit

Legal compliance: Anonymisation minimises the risk of data misuse and data protection incidents. If no personal data is required, anonymisation is the method of choice.

Transparency: The personal data of a business partner is anonymised in accordance with the law, but the information about the process, for example that damage has been repaired in a flat, is retained for tracking purposes.

Evaluability: Anonymisation of personal data has the advantage over deletion that business data and its links in the process are retained and can therefore also be evaluated in the future.

End user

  • Real estate management
  • Customer support
  • Accounts receivable/accounts payable
  • Data protection officer
  • Data protection coordinators

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