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You’ve finished school and want to get your career going? Since 2002, PROMOS has been successfully training young people and embarking on a joint future with them. Start your professional life with us!

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Vocational training in office management

We offer you the opportunity to complete diversified, practice-oriented vocational training in our company. Your three-year training programme takes place in our offices and at your vocational school. You can choose one of two focus areas for your vocational training.

A significant emphasis of your training at PROMOS lies in the accounting and office administration areas. You will learn everything from handling accounts receivable and accounts payable through cash accounting and travel expense accounting all the way to assistant and secretarial duties.

Numbers aren’t really your thing, but you still have a talent for organisation? Then choose the human resources and office administration focus area for your training. In addition to recruiting and applicant management, your training will also acquaint you with areas such as event planning and payroll accounting.

Sound confusing? No problem! You’ll learn everything with us.

Twice a week, our trainees attend the Friedich-List-Schule at Nöldnerplatz in Berlin. There, you will learn the theoretical foundation of your training, such as how to independently and efficiently plan and organise work processes in an office. You will spend the rest of the week at PROMOS. Here, you will have a practical environment where you can directly apply your theoretical knowledge, such as office communications techniques.

Vocational training as an IT specialist

We offer you the opportunity to complete diversified, practice-oriented vocational training in our company. Your three-year training programme takes place in our offices and at your vocational school. You can choose one of two focus areas for your vocational training as an IT specialist: system integration or application development.

Your training will be exciting from the very start. You will begin as a full-fledged team member and learn from our experienced trainers and employees. There is something new and exciting to be discovered every day. For instance, you can get creative with programming or design tasks or support our employees with their hardware issues. You will get to know and appreciate software and hardware in various contexts. Your training as an IT specialist will send you through various departments, allowing you to develop a deep understanding of the software and hardware. You will learn to install computers, help out in the conceptualisation of infrastructure issues, tinker in larger team projects or set up entire computer systems for customers. You’ll learn how difficult cybersecurity is, or you’ll program new software for us and our customers.

Think you’ll never learn all that? Nonsense! You’ll learn everything with us.

The vocational school component takes place in blocks at the OSZ Informations- und Medizintechnik (Berlin College of Further Education for Information Technology and Medical Equipment Technology). This means that you will have one week of vocational school followed by two weeks of practical learning at PROMOS. This rhythm is repeated throughout the whole school year. We will provide you with a computer for vocational school so that you’ll always be up-to-date.

Come and see Get to know the areas in which we offer training here, and see for yourself what our colleagues have to say about their work…

Your path to PROMOS

You will experience a high level of training at PROMOS. Not only do we support you in your technical training – we are also available to provide guidance on any other concerns you may have.

To successfully begin your professional future with us, you must fulfil several prerequisites: high motivation, quick comprehension skills and an impressive school-leaving certificate. Before your training begins, you can already get to know our team through an internship or trial work day.

In addition to individualised support and extensive training opportunities, we offer you a fair training salary, a free public transportation ticket, complementary drinks, fruits and vegetables, in-house sports activities and much more.

Your training salary + apprentice ticket:

Training year 1: EUR 800.00

Training year 2: EUR 900.00

Training year 3: EUR 1,100.00

After your training, many doors will be open to you at PROMOS. We always strive to offer our trainees full-time employment. As a qualified specialist in office management, you will be in-demand in many corporate areas such as accounting, marketing or HR. You can gain professional experience here, and you’ll also have diverse opportunities for advanced training. At the end of your vocational training, you will already be able to spend the practical period in whichever area of the company you like.

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