Who has turned the clock? Making use of every minute cleverly with easysquare mobile

With a big bang the Christmas stress has come upon you and also professionally one appointment comes after another only one and a half months before the end of the year? Unfortunately we can´t relieve you from the present stress, bur for the optimal use of your time resource we´ve got quite some solution for you…

So shortly before the end of the year every minute has to be made use of. Not only privately presents have to be prepared and Advent meals have to be coordinated, but also professionally everybody wants to start into the New Year with a good conscience to have done its best. Unfortunately, not everything always happens completely smoothly, which is why it´s important to make use of every given second optimally.

That the actual time of work at the desk in front of the PC gets less and less with all those appointments is no surprise. IT solutions, which allow the business man or business woman to get tasks done on the way, thus become all the more valuable. For example mobile word processing applications, file hosting services or clever to-do-tools, which can be used on the smartphone or tablet prove to be very handy.

In order to also transmit other tasks successfully from the four office walls into the world, PROMOS offers a wide portfolio range of real estate specific, but also cross-industrial services, which can be used via the app easysquare mobile. Amongst those falls the Mobile Release, which complements the invoice receipt workflow of easysquare workflow.

As a team manager invoices needed to be paid often pile up in the inbox, which have to be released objectively. Are type of material, measurements and the number of articles brought to account correct and conform to the actual order? Were all agreed discounts considered? And does the working hours payment accord to the statements of the time sheets handed in? This examination can be done by the responsible processor comfortably on for example the train or at the airport with easysquare mobile. Invoice values, purchase order history as well as the original document are shown in the app and can be released with a fingertip. This way unproductive travelling time can be used economically reasonable and there is more time in the office to concentrate on the core business. And after the work is done it would be much more relaxing to read the latest edition of the IT&I during unexpected latencies at the train station.  

In your company no structures for a digital invoice receipt workflow exist yet? Then contact us for further information on this topic!

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