Fire protection with easysquare

Around 200,000 apartment fires are recorded in Germany every year, with an average of 6,000 people suffering serious injuries. Fire protection measures aim to prevent fires from occurring. As well as structural and technical fire protection, organisational fire protection is called on to determine potential hazards at an early stage and reduce the risk of danger.

Are the necessary escape routes available? Has usage of the building changed, meaning structural modifications are now required? Is it necessary to install fire alarm systems? What smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. are your properties equipped with? And what condition are the systems in? Are they in perfect working order or do faults need to be remedied? To be able to answer all these questions, cables need to be checked regularly and your properties inspected. The legal requirements for carefully exercising responsibility for buildings and technical systems have been tightened up significantly over the past few years. However, legislation is not the only reason to perform regular checks. Neglected duties can raise questions of liability and lead to insurance-related disputes. In addition, any claims can result in significant damage to your company’s reputation. This means that tenants’ safety should certainly be the focus of attention.

Decreased workload with digital support

Fire protection is an extensive field in which regulations must be complied with. Cost-effective yet safe solutions must be found without neglecting maintenance. All this demands resources and up-to-date knowledge on the part of housing companies.

To ensure that you work through your inspections in an audit-proof, efficient and structured manner, we recommend using digital solutions. Fire safety inspections based on the easysquare public safety and quality assessment solution provide you with an end-to-end approach for on-site inspection of properties and data recording as well as further processing in SAP®.

With the aid of the easysquare mobile app, field staff can check the technical systems on site and record their condition on the inspection form digitally using a mobile device. The core element of easysquare is electronic forms that already contain all the key master data for your properties. Employees simply need to complete these pre-filled forms while out in the field. Check lists, pre-defined catalogues for multiple selection, and the option to integrate photos into the form make handling and recording the inspection results much easier.

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