Spotlight on properties in real estate management

With headlines announcing “Scarce land”, “Housing shortages” and “Skyrocketing prices”, not to mention the growing significance of land, whether developed or undeveloped, efficient land use management has become particularly important. Given that shaping processes is better than simply administrating them, integrated storage of data about land, parcels and owners is an essential prerequisite for reaching well-founded decisions.

A tip for those who use SAP®: the integrated land use management function links data from the official real estate cadastre with all the transaction-based data you are familiar with from real estate management, including contracts, costs and valuations. This means you have central access to the orderly administration of your properties at all times. What easements or encumbrances are there? Are there any leasing restrictions or other contract restrictions to be taken into account? The SAP® module to supplement real estate management takes account of all the specific requirements of land use management  and is ideally connected to asset accounting and loan management, making interdisciplinary work easy:

  • Managing land register information with history data
  • Mapping land registers
  • Maintaining parcel information and public land registers
  • Processes for buying and selling
  • Accounting for assets and liabilities
  • Periodically posting taxes
  • Maintaining assessment notices and tax notices
  • Managing leasehold contracts, purchase/sale contracts or contracts of use
  • Real estate classification: accounting entities, buildings, land, rental objects
  • Monitoring deadlines, appointments and follow-up activities
  • Archiving scanned property documents and connecting to the archive system

Your analysis options are substantially enhanced as a result of the data entered – including parcels, land registers, assessment notices and joint liability – as well as the improved master data quality. On top of this, PROMOS offers you extensive property reporting and valuation solutions.

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