The huge benefits of automation – new YouTube video on the fault notification process

The automation of business processes is a key pillar of digitisation and allows you to tap important potential for boosting efficiency in your own company. An excellent example in the context of real estate management is the fault notification process. After all, a property portfolio needs to be maintained again and again at regular intervals.

Every housing company knows the procedure, needs to take appropriate measures itself and is well advised to digitise the various channels for recording defects. When a defect is discovered, it needs to be integrated into the reporting process – be it by tenants in the company’s own tenant app or by company employees during apartment handover. After that, tools such as easysquare workflow help ensure that subsequent processing is automated and proceeds without a hitch in a user-friendly manner.

Our new YouTube video looks directly at the fault notification process, showing you the wide range of automation options for everyday maintenance:

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Did you know, for example, that the pre-programming of certain processing sequences considerably reduces the pressure on your administrators while the system itself completes numerous processes fully automatically in the background? When craftsmen need to be ordered, all the user has to do is select the relevant trade and the damage incurred, and the automatic supplier determination function will find the right company for the job. If the processor responsible is ill or on holiday, a representative will automatically receive the work order in their work basket and can seamlessly take over the process.

Automated processing steps are indicated in easysquare workflow by an “A”. The process remains in the queue until the necessary work by third parties is complete. In the meantime, your employee can concentrate on other tasks. No more forgetting essential tasks! Deadlines are defined for every single processing step and the corresponding processor is notified as soon as any deadline is missed. In this way, for example, you can contact the trade company to ask why the order has not yet been accepted or the agreed service not yet provided. This means your fault reports are processed more reliably and thus ultimately also increases the satisfaction of your tenants.

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