UBS 2.0 – An update that will blow you away!

The universal posting interface (UBS) is – as the name suggests – the little all-rounder in the PROMOS portfolio. It provides the ideal solution for automatic posting of posting data in numerous application scenarios and can be used flexibly in a variety of ways. Following extensive improvements, the new version now includes even more application cases and has been simplified considerably.

One solution, many possibilities

The universal posting interface from PROMOS is the perfect tool whenever a large data inventory from external third-party systems needs to be transferred into the lead SAP® system and the target system does not contain an equivalent for the account in question. The transfer format is not fixed and can be interpreted for a wide range of scenarios. This opens up completely new ways of using the universal posting interfaces, covering everything from travel costs to wages and salaries all the way to credit card invoices. But that’s not all! The PROMOS solution can also be used to post certain items from one accounting area to another – known as an account bridge – as well as for consolidation and migration to a single system. The more application scenarios your company needs to deal with, the more sense it makes to combine these processes in a universal solution.

Added convenience

User friendliness was a particular focus of the improvements to the solution. In order to lastingly reduce the development workload, we enhanced the customisation. Users now benefit from flexible settings, for example in mapping. This allows them to make settings to control the processing of G/L accounts, tax codes or the various account assignment elements independently. The large range of SAP® fields to complete very little source data results in significant quality gains in the data inventory.

Functional description in words and pictures

The functions are largely simple: the solution covers two important transactions – one for calling up the universal posting interface and a second for customisation. The various application scenarios are displayed in the “Processes” field, where the user can make a selection, e.g. import a CSV file. The selection screen then changes dynamically: If a file is to be processed, the input screen requests the user to select the file. If a posting is to be made within SAP®, the relevant posting parameters need to be entered. Our new YouTube video shows you the application in action:

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Further features

If the diversity of the solution was not enough to fully impress you, then the further benefits surely will. Alongside the significant increase in flexibility, the new UBS offers both through a well-thought-out authorisation concept and seamless integration into the easysquare approval workflow. This means only authorised persons can authorise automatic posting and approval is obtained conveniently with the aid of a process in easysquare workflow. The universal posting interface not only allows the implementation of application cases in ordinary G/L accounting; the features also support the new financial accounting. The option of posting in ledger groups simplifies international accounting as well as the consideration of foreign currencies and tax law.

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