E-tendering to become mandatory

From October of this year, electronic tendering will become mandatory as the only tendering procedure for tenders throughout the EU. Even now, public invitations to tender are increasingly being published in electronic formats, such as GAEB format. Users of the GAEB format benefit in many ways.

Until now, the EU tender guidelines allowed issuing agencies to choose between the electronic and conventional tendering procedures for communication with bidders. From 18 October 2018, the electronic method will become binding for all issuing agencies in the upper threshold area, i.e. for large order sums from EUR 209,000 for supply and service contracts and from EUR 5,225,000 for construction contracts. In the future, this obligation will also be extended to smaller order sums.

In the course of electronic tendering, the GAEB format is becoming increasingly significant. After all, data exchange for a construction or maintenance service can be performed much more efficiently between the partners involved in the construction by means of a standardised digital exchange format. Tenders, service specifications, and price lists can be requested from suppliers or manufacturers directly and without media discontinuities. Suppliers can then respond directly in the system. Manual transfers, mountains of paper and delays in the post become a thing of the past. The only prerequisite for digital data exchange is an interface.

The PROMOS GAEB interface provides support for the various exchange phases in your tender process and gives you five good reasons to use it in your purchasing process.

Five good reasons for choosing the PROMOS GAEB interface

  • GAEB interfaces can be passed on to suppliers (even those without SAP®) without any media discontinuities.
  • Suppliers complete the offer service specification and return this to you, the client, seamlessly and in a structured way.
  • Bids can easily be read in at the click of a mouse.
  • Seamless connection to the electronic and legally compliant tender process is mandatory.
  • Your purchasing process is standardised, sustainably accelerated and the quality of offer processing is increased.
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