Practical and efficient: the easysquare messaging function – seamless communication on the easysquare platform

The advantages of fast and direct communication via chat are obvious:
  • contact can be made quickly and easily
  • direct integration into the SAP® ERP system
  • communications are highly transparent with an audit trail
  • workflows are improved, e.g. damage repair on site

For this reason, the tried and tested messaging function has now been expanded to include further user groups. Starting immediately, potential tenants and landlords as well as tradespeople and tenants can communicate with one another in the apps. Until now, this was only possible for tenants and employees in the tenant app.

If the housing company uses the tenant app, direct and straightforward communication between the tradesperson and the tenant is now possible. Both parties can then initiate a chat. This is particularly helpful when there are queries about the precise nature of the defect or when making or changing appointments. Appointments, for instance to repair a reported defect, can now be arranged conveniently and transparently via the easysquare platform without any time-consuming phone calls and emails.

There is no risk of the message going to the wrong employee at the tradesperson’s company because the message is sent to a collective address. Only the person who is responsible for the job will handle the chat communication. All other employees just have to click on “Ignore Message” to reset the conversation to unread. Another advantage is that the chat is linked directly to the underlying job. Instead of writing the job number down and searching for it, staff can now conveniently go straight to the job from chat mode.

However, these advantages don’t just help the tenant and tradespeople collaborate and coordinate. Potential tenants looking for apartments using the easysquare app for prospective tenants can also send questions or requests for viewings to the housing company directly via the app. The landlord receives the messages in the “Online requests” service of the easysquare rental solution. From here, the employee can respond directly, thus enabling seamless and transparent communication without media discontinuity. The solution is understandable and intuitive to use at all times.

Summary: The expansion of the messaging function to include further user groups optimally supplements the options available in the easysquare apps. With this, we are helping housing companies to achieve even more practical, modern and productive workflows for their processes.

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