Digital signatures – streamlined as never before

They are a fixture in every office: colleagues loaded with routing slips and signature folders seen rushing down hallways, always hoping to find an authorised signatory and get important documents signed. Whether procurement requests for Purchasing, offers for Sales, or correspondence regarding a lease – there are countless business processes which, in the past, required handwritten signatures on documents prior to approval or delivery.

It is only natural, then, that signature workflow now sits at the top of the list of areas with high savings potential in the age of digitalisation. Companies want to free themselves of paper. The new easysquare signature process  portfolio has come at just the right time. Correspondence can now be fully digital with all the necessary signatures obtained in a fast, simple and uncomplicated manner.

Here are the key features in a nutshell:

  • Intuitive operation thanks to workflow control with easysquare
  • Transparency in the approval process
  • Seamless embedding of scanned signatures in correspondence
  • Automatic agent identification
  • Workflowdetermined arrangement for specifying designated deputies
  • Writeprotection for correspondence in the approval process
  • Archiving as PDF

Has our solution piqued your interest? You can find a thorough description of the features in our current portfolio.
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