Your tenant reports a defect? A case for the easysquare insurance portal

Damage to buildings, caused for example by an accident or storm, is usually covered by relevant insurance. A blessing in disguise? Yes and no. After all, such insurance cases also involve significant administrative effort.

This can be reduced using the easysquare insurance portal. This provides an independent access point for external users, such as insurance brokers. They can find all the necessary information to process the claims case in the portal. For example, they can view, edit, upload or download invoices for the damage repair, insurance notifications and master data of experts or repairs service providers, among other things. This reduces the communication required between all parties involved to a minimum. In addition, redundant storage of data is avoided, as all parties can access the same data inventory.

The insurance portal is linked to your SAP® system, meaning you can easily and conveniently create claims cases there. A simple fast entry screen is provided for this, which requests all the relevant key data. Users work in their familiar SAP® environment and, from here, can also take a look at the processing status and claims case histories. Seamless synchronisation between SAP® and the insurance portal ensures that all parties can access the most recent version of the entered data. Another advantage of the solution is the automatic comparison of entered notifications with the stored insurance contracts. Is the damage that occurred even covered by the existing insurance policies? A checking cube function on the system side checks this.

The easysquare solution for processing insurance cases significantly optimises the entire process – from reporting of the case and repair of the damage to the claim settlement and evaluation. You can now find an overview of the solution in our portfolio on our website. An article in the current issue of IT&I also focuses on this topic and provides additional information.

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