Brand new: the multilingual tenant app

In the age of globalisation and digitisation, many German housing companies are now also gaining an ever more international clientele. To handle these challenges with ease, easysquare is now offering multilingual capability in its digital solution.

Spoken by roughly 1.5 billion people as a second language and 339 million as a native language, English serves as the most important language for international communication. It is also number one online: 949 million Internet users use English, and 52.3% of all websites are in the English language.

Easysquare has recognised this requirement – content visible in the tenant app can now be displayed in either German or English.

The display language in the app conforms to the system language of the smartphone or, for the web app, to the browser language setting.

The language of the app interface is thus controlled via the language of the terminal device. It is irrelevant whether the user has set Italian, Chinese or Arabic as their preferred language – the app will always be displayed in English. Further languages are planned. All text in the app can be translated: e.g. navigation, forms and names of services and boxes. So there is no longer anything standing in the way of digital communication with your international tenants.

The multilingual function is optional in the tenant app and can be implemented in a customer-specific manner. Ask your consultant!

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