A perfect match: Fiori® and the easysquare Professional App for quality control and safety precautions

In the video, we show you how property owners and operators can perform quality management and safety precautions without any issues. The ideal connection between SAP Fiori®, the easysquare Professional App and, optionally, the easysquare operator portal results in greater efficiency, for your company too!

In the new Fiori® worlds, all the familiar quality management and safety precaution transactions property owners have to perform are available as straightforward apps. Quality management and safety precautions can be controlled conveniently using the inspection services catalogue and the master data in the SAP® system. Aggregated status evaluations, coverage analyses and an array of useful features simplify work at management level. The automatic connection to the easysquare Professional App allows users to work on site with no media discontinuities. Inspection results entered on a mobile device are automatically fed back into the SAP® system. Potential defects are consistently followed up with the aid of easysquare workflow processes.

Does an external company take care of safety precautions at your company? No problem! For such cases, the PROMOS solution allows connection via the easysquare web portal. Here, operators can manage the tasks assigned to them fully independently – from the status analysis to maintenance of the inspectors and representatives. A totally convincing solution!

The benefits are clear:

  • Use of a stateof-the-art infrastructure
  • High degree of efficiency thanks to connection of all participants to the leading SAP® system
  • Possibility to individually adapt the Fiori® interfaces for quality management and safety precautions to your company
  • Time savings thanks to mobile entry of the inspection results
  • And much more

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