Perfectly connected for even greater reach with easysquare rentals

When searching for apartments, your potential tenants are active on various channels and Internet platforms. Based entirely on personal preference, the chance of success or simply habit, they may already use easysquare rentals, or they might use ImmobilienScout24, eBay classified ads or Immowelt. You can now easily place your ads in these external channels at the press of a button.

What can the interface do and who is already using it?

Every month that vacant properties stand empty costs you hard cash. So it is extremely important that the rental process takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible. easysquare rentals has proved to be particularly useful for this over the past few years. The master data for the rental objects is fed in directly from the SAP® system, so there is no need for time-consuming manual maintenance. Communication with the potential tenants takes place conveniently directly in easysquare. Since last year, there has also been an option to link the rentals solution to ImmobilienScout24 via a digital interface. A number of German housing companies, such as ProPotsdam GmbH and Hilfswerk-Siedlung GmbH, already use this option successfully. Starting now, we can also offer this external connection for other major online rental portals, including eBay classified ads and Immowelt or Immonet, allowing you to distribute your advertisements there, too.

How does the interface work?

You maintain the properties available for rent with a descriptive text and images or a floor plan in the normal way in easysquare rentals. Master data from the connected ERP system can be used for this. The properties can then be transferred to the external portals at the press of a button. This significantly increases the reach of the ad with no need for any additional work to transfer the data. The responses to an ad are returned directly to easysquare rentals, meaning you do not have to work in multiple different environments at any time. Every work step takes place from within easysquare rentals. You can also withdraw the rental objects from here, either manually as soon as a new tenant has been found or by setting an expiry date when you place the ad online. Another particularly useful feature is the option to automatically remove the ad from all portals once a certain number of requests has been reached. For example, you could set a maximum quantity of 75 because you do not want to allow any more viewings than this. Once this number is reached, the ad is taken offline everywhere, regardless of which platform the requests came from.

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