PROMOS gets companies prepared for XRechnung

Since 18 April, XRechnung has been the mandatory standard for German authorities, states and municipal governments. Starting on 27 November, companies will also be required to use the XML format for all invoices sent to public authorities in accordance with the individual state regulations. You can find all the important information on XRechnung here or in our new PROMOS portfolio.

XRechnung as a mandatory standard

What does this mean for you? Your SAP® system must be capable of interpreting these XML files in order to process them further. In the future, it will also need to be capable of generating outgoing XRechnung invoices from existing invoice data. PROMOS offers its customers a simple SAP® system optimisation to convert XRechnung invoices into SAP®-compatible information. Further processing of incoming invoices can then take place in the easysquare invoice receipt workflow. The new solution from PROMOS connects seamlessly to this process and can be individually configured. This guarantees consistent digital processing. PROMOS also offers a solution for the generation of XRechnung invoices. This can take place collectively using a report or be embedded into existing easysquare processes.

The private sector benefits too!

The advantages are not limited to exchanges with authorities and public clients and suppliers. The private sector also benefits from a uniform electronic file format for incoming and outgoing invoices. This makes the need for different interfaces for various file formats, OCR software and the scanning or printing of invoices all things of the past. This saves time while also minimising the potential for errors – a win-win situation for everyone who converts to the new standard now. We have collected all important information on this topic for you in a new portfolio entry.

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