We are hacking something out for you!

At the first KIWI Platform Hackathon from 9 to 11 September 2020, which will take place as part of the Real PropTech, we will be putting our heads together with the locking system experts from KIWI.KI and other exciting PropTech companies and doing some hard thinking. Our task will be to generate particular added value for your tenants with clever technical solutions for the easysquare tenant app.

At the first KIWI.KI hackathon, in accordance with our vision of an open platform, we want to go one step further and develop technical solutions for the integration of partner solutions. KIWI.KI GmbH has already been developing digital door locking systems, which replace conventional keys, since 2012.

The goal of the hackathon will be to develop specific use cases for how third-party services can be technically integrated on the easysquare platform and in the easysquare apps – with a particular focus on the tenant app. For example, how can a user open the KIWI doors as securely as ever and, most importantly, as an identified resident using the easysquare tenant app? And how can access be granted for a neighbour while the tenant is on holiday or to a parcel delivery service or craftsmen’s company when nobody is home? As an identity provider, so a key provider for user authentication, PROMOS plays an important role here as a trustor. Together, we will develop secure and tested authorisation methods.

The integration of external services into the open platform system of the easysquare tenant app will not only provide benefits for tenants, but also make landlords’ work significantly easier. For example, through integration into the Professional App authorisations are automatically assigned during the residential property inspection and handover. This way there are no longer any issues with lost, copied or bent keys. Increasing the added value of a tenant app also makes it more attractive for tenants, which results in higher user numbers. And greater market penetration also makes tenant apps more profitable for the housing company. So you can look forward to our results and which innovations will soon be ready for you.

At the first KIWI hackathon, we will develop use cases to allow third-party services to be embedded in the easysquare platform.

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