easysquare develops 360° views for your rental offering

Property viewings with the swipe of a finger from your home sofa – whether via smartphone, tablet or laptop? How great does that sound? This feature is currently in the starting blocks of our easysquare development pipeline to further professionalise your real estate marketing. With 360° virtual viewings, you get an excellent tool to digitally present your properties – quickly and efficiently. Both sides absolutely benefit from this.

Love at first, second or third sight

Was the first impression great? Or would you maybe rather take a second look? Potential tenants are usually interested in many different properties. Whether done in advance or as a second viewing, the possibility of visiting an apartment several times strengthens the emotional connection to the desired property. If the apartment stays in your head, it will also stand out among all the other offers. Virtual tours can significantly speed up the decision-making process for your potential tenants and lead to more binding enquiries. As an ideal supplement for your marketing, they don’t replace personal on-site visits, but can give potential tenants a good sense of space for your properties. This digital preview also enables your customers to estimate whether the additional time and effort is worthwhile. Landlords and potential tenants alike benefit from this.

Say goodbye to large group viewings

These days we’re used to getting the information we need from the Internet wherever and whenever we need it. So it’s hardly surprising that potential tenants are quite enthusiastic about virtual property tours. They can carry out their searches independently of in-person appointments, at any time and at any place. Landlords of highly sought-after properties can even do away with bothersome large group viewings by optimising their preselection thanks to the digital image of their real estate objects.

Take note! New feature coming soon

The new “Virtual viewings” function in easysquare rentals will make it as easy as pie to add representative 360° images for each room in your units in the future. To put the final touch on a virtual property tour, you can use the design mode to set hot spots or change points within rooms. Once all the rooms are linked, you can navigate through the virtual property tour in viewing mode. The viewing mode is also integrated into the easysquare potential tenant app. There, features such as autoplay, full-screen mode or zooming provide an almost perfect impression of the viewer moving through your properties. You can get a taste of the application’s look and feel in our latest video:

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The realistic representation of your real estate objects with 360° pictures make the virtual property tour comparable to an on-site viewing.

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