Calling all budget cockpit users! You can now make budget transfer postings directly in the original project budget

The more complex the construction project, the more beneficial it is for everyone involved when digital aids small and large help facilitate daily work. In this case, we’ve created a new application for users of our PROMOS budget cockpit with which budget transfer postings of the original budget can be conveniently carried out in a clear template.

PROMOS budget cockpit – An application with numerous advantages

The PROMOS budget cockpit allows you to call up the project KPIs for your construction project in a clear manner and show the plans and budgets as overall, period-specific and annual values. Cockpit users know and appreciate the numerous advantages offered by the useful app. It is easy to use, offering a clear overview of all relevant KPIs at the touch of a button and thus simplifying the monitoring of budget depletion, which can generate significant time savings in everyday work. But what is the new highlight in the popular cockpit?

The upgrade for project budget transfer postings

The newly created application is suitable for customers who make budget changes only in the original budget. For them, the original budget corresponds to the current budget. In order to prevent you from having to jump into two applications to make a budget transfer posting, we’ve developed a clear new template in which you can make the change directly. As shown in Figure 1, a posting is simply entered on the left. Sender and receiver WBS elements can be selected, and short texts can also be provided. When confirmed, the transfer posting document chains are automatically generated in the project hierarchy. In the updated budget analysis (ALV) or in the planning/budget cockpit, it is then clear that the change has been simply applied to the original budget. This clever tool can prove to be particularly handy for complex construction projects with frequent budget changes.

Are you interested in making your company work more efficiently and think this tool might be useful for your construction project team?Then get in touch with us!  We’ll be happy to advise you on this and many other interesting innovations in the area of facility & construction management.

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