Approaching our 30th S/4HANA® project

It’s hard to believe, but our hard-working PROMOS team has almost reached its 30th project surrounding an S/4HANA® introduction, migration or new release conversion. It may sound so simple in numerical terms, but it’s taken loads of effort to get here: checking system structures, analysing initial situations and carrying out preliminary studies. And when the timetable is finally set, it’s all about converting, transferring and testing, testing, testing. All the more reason to take a moment and enjoy a look back at our successes.

We would have to look very far back in our archives to find an announcement like the one SAP issued in 2015, forcing companies to spend a lot of time moving to the new SAP release S/4HANA® and questioning existing business processes. The termination of maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7.0 slated for 2027 shook every SAP®-using company to the core. Just like when moving from an apartment you’ve loved for many years into a newly built apartment, the question inevitably arises: What do I take with me and which obsolete things should I finally get rid of? Tabula rasa or not so fast?

Many of our long-time customers have already planned their conversion, are currently in the process of converting or have already celebrated their return to production with the new system. For example, you can read our reports on successful implementations at Peach Property, moderne stadt, Investa Real Estate, ProPotsdam and HOWOGE. PROMOS digitisation experts have been accompanying our customers on their path to S/4HANA® since 2017 – making recommendations, correcting courses, assuaging fears, providing fresh ideas and implementing systems. We therefore decided to share a brief overview with you:

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Full steam ahead!

So what have we concluded so far after five years of S/4HANA® projects? We want more. Much more! But the attentive viewer will have noticed in our video that the pipeline for 2023 is already pretty full. To be more precise: our slots for the coming year are fully booked, and the free slots for 2024 are slowly becoming scarce. If you’re also facing the challenge of migrating to SAP S/4HANA® in the near future, or if you’re already planning a binding schedule for when the conversion should take place, get in touch with us now! Our experts will be happy to help develop your transformation scenario and also show you the amazing potential of the new release.

Once you’ve found the right movers and packed your boxes, you can look forward to living in your brand new apartment with a view of the skyline. With maintenance confirmed to the end of 2040, SAP is practically like an open-ended lease on a renovated apartment in the city centre… a real jackpot!

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