Now also for easysquare – PROMOS completes SCHUFA interface

Our PROMOS SCHUFA interface for SAP® has been very popular ever since it was introduced. Back at the beginning of the year, we reported here on the benefits of the solution. Now we want to live up to the promise we made at that time and present you with the second piece of the jigsaw: the SCHUFA connection for the easysquare rentals solution.

Making things easy for our customers has always been our motto. Our SCHUFA interface represents a particularly great achievement in this respect. The workflows involved in obtaining the valuable credit report from Wiesbaden have always been so time-consuming, haven’t they? We now provide you with a SCHUFA report at the touch of a button in our mobile easysquare rentals solution. How does that work?

How the SCHUFA interface works

The perfect interplay between the easysquare rentals solution and the potential tenant app, which lifts the rental process to a new level for everyone involved, has been a must-have for modern housing and real estate companies for many years now. Applicants manage their queries, while landlords manage viewing appointments and applications simply using a mobile device. Media discontinuity was already largely avoided in the past. But what has been lacking up to now to make the app even more convenient and save even more time has been the option of obtaining a credit report. A step that has often been rather a hassle for potential tenants in the application process is now as easy as the entire operation of the app from PROMOS. If the applicant grants them permission to obtain the SCHUFA report, landlords can retrieve information regarding creditworthiness in the rentals solution at the touch of a button – and in a matter of seconds! Thanks to a new “SCHUFA anfragen” (Ask SCHUFA) button. And that’s not all. In addition to obtaining brief information, it is also possible to call up and store a detailed overview, similar to the familiar form on the SCHUFA online portal. The result of the query is then displayed both in the overview of all potential tenants and in the detailed view for the specific potential tenant in the rentals solution. If configured accordingly, the app automatically deletes or anonymises this data and all other personal data in line with the GDPR. In the event of ERP integration, the information is also available in SAP® and can be managed there.

The advantages of the SCHUFA interface

With the new SCHUFA interface for the rentals solution, you can make the application process for your rental objects even more user-friendly. There is no longer any need for potential tenants to perform cumbersome steps; for you as landlord, missing or outdated information is a thing of the past. The clear display of the creditworthiness of potential tenants simplifies the selection process even further. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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