Digital tool for greater efficiency – minimise administrative expenses for maintenance with the craftsmen portal

How many craftspeople does a housing company need? Electrics, installations, painting and carpentry work – the list of services for the ongoing maintenance of your buildings and properties could be long, and the resulting administrative effort is high for both your company and for craftspeople. Since the turn of the millennium, wow – that means it’s been over 20 years now – our craftsmen portal has been optimising bulk business by allowing fast processing of your orders and offering numerous features for fully digital processing. Find out what it can do, what it offers and what’s new in the updated portfolio.

Not only is the list of craftspeople long; the range of solutions our craftsmen portal offers is also broad. From the purchase order and service entry to invoicing, the online portal with seamless integration into your ERP system supports a wide range of tasks in the refurbishment process. Its use brings many advantages, ensuring that the administrative costs do not exceed the often lower costs for ongoing maintenance, especially for minor maintenance:

  • Improved communication: Expanding your ecosystem and integrating your service providers enables smooth communication, reduces misunderstandings and speeds up the flow of information, allowing repairs and maintenance work to be carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Time and cost savings: The automation of processes such as order placement, scheduling and invoicing can save housing companies time and money.
  • Customer satisfaction: The fast response to repair requests and professional execution of the work contribute to the satisfaction of your tenants. Housing companies can thus easily improve their service level and retain tenants in the long term.

Lukas Ritter, consultant and product expert for our craftsmen portal, summarises the added value: “Our customers benefit from significantly less administrative work, which leads to huge time savings and error-free order processing. The reduction in workload is clearly noticeable for your employees when performing their day-to-day administration tasks.”

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