HOAI – a complex set of rules with important advantages

The HOAI – the scale of fees for architects' and engineers' services – is both a curse and a blessing for many people. On the one hand, it prevents a mere price war and creates quality and planning security, but on the other hand it is extremely complex. With the HOAI calculator, fees can be calculated quickly and easily – this even includes health and safety on construction sites or project management. We will tell you why the PROMOS HOAI calculator has significant advantages over common online tools and how it is an important aid in everyday working life.

Background to HOAI

Introduced for the first time in 1977, the fee scales for architects and engineers (HOAI for short) was designed to provide price and performance certainty with a high degree of transparency on the one hand and to protect planning offices from ruinous price competitions on the other. The regulation has since been amended several times, but still pursues these purposes in principle. The biggest change to the HOAI in modern times was probably a ruling by the European Court of Justice in 2019, which ruled that it was contrary to EU law to set binding upper and lower limits when determining fee rates. This led to an amendment in 2021, since which the fixed minimum and maximum rates have been abolished, which means that it is no longer necessary to apply them to German residents. Despite no longer being binding, the regulations continue to be applied across the board in practice when determining engineers' and architects' fees. But what makes the rules so complicated?

Fee calculation – a complex matter

The calculation according to HOAI is determined by various influencing factors. These include the chargeable costs, the complexity of the planned property, the proportion of the performance phases provided and the from-to ranges of the fees to be found in the fee tables. In addition, there are numerous other factors that must be taken into account in the calculation. What sounds like a perfect exam task as part of a property management training course does not lose its degree of difficulty in practice – despite increasing work experience, reality is rarely as straightforward as the textbook. What can remedy the situation?

The HOAI calculator – integrated, clear and flexible

The PROMOS HOAI calculator for SAP Fiori® takes all conceivable use cases into account. Easy to open via the tiles in the personal launchpad, it enables all relevant information to be recorded in an intuitive and well-structured entry screen. Various tabs guide the user through the individual criteria for determining the fee. From the determination of chargeable costs, the definition of fee zones and performance phases to the specification of surcharges and discounts as well as special services, the tool integrates all conceivable HOAI regulations. And it doesn’t stop there! The tool can also record other fees, from safety and health protection on construction sites (SiGeKo) to project management (AHO booklet 9), the calculator covers many different work scopes.

What is the special advantage over third-party solutions or online tools? The HOAI calculator from PROMOS is fully SAP®-integrated and can access all data in the system and vice versa. This means that all performance levels can be recorded and compared with the fee agreements made. Direct linking increases the analysability of the available data. In addition, the calculation and the criteria defined can be accessed at any time. Subsequent editing or the use of a template system is also possible. Jan Kramer, Expert Consultant and Product Manager, points out: “What makes these and other solutions from our construction portfolio stand out is their high level of system integration. I have all the data for every phase of the construction project at my fingertips in an analysable, transparent and clear form and can use it for the necessary purposes. This is what our customers particularly appreciate. And in this very special case, there is also the incredible time saving and reduction in complexity that our users achieve by deploying the solution. With the HOAI calculator, fees can be calculated quickly and easily in SAP®. This significantly reduces the workload for service providers!”

Updated portfolio

In our new online portfolio, we inform you in detail about the scope of the HOAI calculator solution. Numerous screenshots give an insight into the solution. Aggregated information makes it easier to familiarise yourself with the functionalities. Take a look at the technical information and don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more! We look forward to receiving yourmessage  or your call.

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