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easysquare signature process

Digital signatures with the easysquare signature process

The current focus on digitalisation is making it necessary for companies to do away with paper-based processes in favour of sustainable, completely digitalised IT solutions. Leading the field of areas with optimisation potential is the time-consuming process of printing correspondence and organising necessary signatures.

PROMOS is offering a remedy: the easysquare signature process is a simple and clearly structured solution for generating the approval procedure from the correspondence flow and adding scanned signatures to documents, removing the need for them to be printed out and signed by hand. The solution offers a variety of options by which the signature process can be partially or entirely digitalised.

In addition to conventional processing of correspondence, by which letters of all kinds are created in SAP® using OpenPromos® Corporate Correspondence (OPCC) to be subsequently printed and manually signed, the integration of an approval process enables even more digital correspondence processes in OPCC. This allows companies to predefine which kind of signature policy is to be followed for all types of correspondence. At the same time, signatures can be extracted from the correspondence and collected digitally.

A new button has been added to OPCC for initiating the approval process. Once the agent has finalised the text and selected a business partner, an approval process can be started in easysquare workflow at the press of a button. Pop-up windows ensure that certain required fields are completed, such as selection of a contact person, the employee approving the text or setting return dates.

In the easysquare workflow process controlling tool, the signature process is initiated and instantly appears in the responsible employee’s global work basket as a task to be completed. The correspondence stays visible in PDF form at all times in the split-screen, letting the agent effortlessly review and approval documents. Should a rejection be necessary, the reasons for this can be given in a separate window before the task is sent back to the process initiator.

Once an approval is confirmed, the previously set placeholders are replaced by scanned signatures, and the correspondence can be printed or sent by email. Only the final PDF is archived, and obsolete SAP® archives are deleted.

Employees can effortlessly navigate the signature process with easysquare workflow. Notices appear in the global work baskets of the responsible employees indicating that a workflow is available for processing.
The easysquare approval process begins with a click on the “Save” button, and the employees authorised to sign can be specified in a pop-up window.

Further information

  • Categories: Correspondence in OPCC can be categorised into four templates:
  1. Printing and manual signature
  2. Printing and manual signature or approval process and printing scanned signature
  3. Only approval process and printing scanned signature
  4. Printing scanned signature
  • Special case 4: If the approval for a correspondence is already available from another company process, the signature process appears in easysquare workflow as a child process. In this special case, the scanned signatures are simply added to the template
  • Agent finding: The easysquare signature process supports adherence to the dual control principle, ensuring that the relevant documents are always signed by two people. The signature pop-up is decisive for controlling agent finding and differentiates between the main and secondary signatories. Thanks to the automatic arrangement which specifies in the easysquare workflow those who are deputising, processes always reach the right contact person even in cases of absences.

Your benefit

Time and labour savings: Signed documents must no longer be scanned for digital storage. This saves valuable time in the preparation and follow-up processing of correspondence.

Reduced processing times: The digital signature process makes routing slips obsolete and greatly reduces in-house processing times.

Paperless processing: The availability of scanned signatures and email delivery enables entirely digital correspondence and signature processing, completely eliminating the need for paper.

Transparency: The structured representation of process steps is always traceable and increases employee access to information. No approvals slip through the net.

End user

  • Authorised signatories, customer advisors

Technical requirements

  • SAP® RE-FX
  • easysquare workflow
  • OpenPromos® Corporate Correspondence

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