easysquare input & output management – smart, digital document processing

For years, everyone has been talking about digitised workflows, paperless offices and data processing free of media discontinuity. But how to input and, more importantly, output this data into a system? Together with our partner, FP Digital Business Solutions, we ensure that incoming and outgoing documents are digitally and consistently processed in your system through easysquare input & output management. These services range from scanning incoming mail and process-supported, automated handling to sending letters by post.

In this article, we reveal the latest options for optimising your inbox and outbox as well as exciting updates to the easysquare solution. In addition to this, a detailed web seminar on this topic will be held on 7 September 2023. Our experts will present the solution along with lots of background information, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Register for the web seminar now

easysquare input management – smart digitisation and automated processing

Want to digitally process your incoming documents, but currently still receive mail by post and fax? Do you also have to manually input data from e-mails and contact forms into your SAP® system?

We offer a comprehensive solution through input management. All incoming documents (through analogue and digital channels) can be recorded by our partner, FP Digital Business Solutions, a company with long-term and extensive input management expertise. Incoming physical documents are scanned using state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, digital input channels such as e-mails and customer portals can be incorporated into this workflow. The next step involves classifying the inbox according to business rules or document types using smart, AI-based recognition technology and distributing it to the appropriate business processes at your company. Based on this process, the relevant data for the business transaction can be extracted according to your requirements. Relevant data can be validated for you through possible database matches and plausibility checks. Not only does this provide you with a digitised document, you also receive valuable, enriched data for your subsequent internal workflow, enabling accelerated processes and added workflow efficiency.

Thanks to our smart easysquare workflow process control tool, the digitised incoming documents are ready for processing in SAP®. Automated processor finding and the integrated work basket ensure that employees are always assigned their respective tasks relating to the incoming document, allowing them to process them step by step. That’s why the easysquare invoice receipt workflow is particularly popular, as it allows you to either fully or partially automate the invoice processing and posting workflow. There are several interesting new features for the invoice receipt workflow, which have proven to be popular with our customers.

New input management feature: Prioritise incoming documents and credit note processing

Have you ever been unable to apply an advance payment discount because the corresponding invoice wasn’t prioritised for processing through manual incoming mail processing? This can no longer happen with easysquare input management. The AI-supported analysis software automatically recognises the type of letter through keywords. A priority process can now be set up in easysquare workflow for documents such as payment reminders, invoices with cash discounts or short payment due dates, which saves your business money. In addition to this useful update, credit notes can now also be processed automatically with the easysquare invoice receipt workflow.

easysquare output management

Have you done everything possible to digitise your outbox, but would still like to send some matters by post? Sometimes it’s useful to have a printed piece of paper in hand, such as a special invitation or a high-quality brochure. Maybe you have no choice but to physically send some of your post, as is often the case with tenant mail. Surveys, information letters and meter cards – we take advantage of the modern hybrid mail system with easysquare output management. This means that you send a digital copy of your outgoing mail to us. Our skilled partner, FP Digital Business Solutions, takes care of the postage, including printing and packing. While paper may not be a thing of the past, it will at least have disappeared from your office.

About FP Digital Business Solutions

FP Digital Business Solutions GmbH has been supporting its customers with transforming their corporate communications into a digital format for over 20 years. The Brandenburg company adapts its customers’ specific requirements, which range from handling individual services such as digital signatures to implementing integrated or tailor-made digital input and output management strategies. FP Digital Business Solutions provides integrated, smart, mail processing services through state-of-the-art technology at its various branches in Germany.

Digitale Dokumentenverarbeitung beim PROMOS Partner FP Digital

 Our partner company, FP Digital Business Solutions, processes documents on its shop floor at the Berlin Adlershof branch.

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