Release on demand is a thing of the past. Achieve an automated process with easysquare workflow!

Who does the invoice need to be sent to for releasing? And who even authorised the order? These are just two of the common questions that can arise in a company with a large number of employees distributed across various departments. Our solutions not only provide answers, but actually make the questions unnecessary.

Every company has release rules for a wide range of areas. Up to what amount am I permitted to release orders? As of when does the dual control or even triple control principle apply? Which services rendered have to be checked and where are random checks sufficient? Who approves my leave application? And who is responsible for releasing the budget up to which amount? Generally, there are fixed company regulations here. However, when it comes to precise knowledge of these regulations and adherence to them, there are frequently gaps between the target and actual situations.

With easysquare workflow, these release strategies can be controlled automatically. Once the process has been clearly defined once and stored in SAP®, easysquare triggers the required steps independently. For specified situations, the system uses processor finding to automatically determine the employee responsible for any releases. The system does not simply display the name of this person, but also sends the matter in question directly as a processing step in easysquare workflow. It is also possible to specify a processor group in connection with this. Assignment on demand or by e-mail is no longer necessary. The high degree of automation and significant gains in efficiency for usually time-consuming administrative procedures are not the only benefits. Most important is the transparent traceability of the processing route.

Another basic component of the PROMOS release solutions is the storage of test cube logic. This can be used to determine which situations require which checking steps (e.g. dual control principle, automatic releases). Implementation of a digital release procedure may make sense for various processes:

  • Order releases
  • Invoice releases
  • Release of service entry sheets
  • Deletion or change procedures
  • Release of budgets
  • Release of projects
  • and much more!

In addition, an option for mobile release can be implemented. The responsible processor then receives the situation in question in his or her easysquare mobile app and can perform the release at the tap of a finger. At the same time, this is returned to the SAP® system. This option is particularly beneficial for employees who frequently have to work while on the move.

Our service scope not only includes the technical implementation, but also consulting regarding the design of individual and company-specific release strategies.

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