Back to work without the post-holiday blues thanks to a well-thought-out cover system

Your holiday is not even quite over yet and already you are dreading the stack of uncompleted tasks on your desk. No sooner have you returned, a look at your inbox confirms this uneasy feeling. Some tasks have been passed from colleague to colleague looking for the right person to deal with them. Others ended up on the wrong desk and could only be partially completed. And a few were neglected entirely. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The recipe for avoiding a hangover from your holiday is good preparation. Start to get an overview of the status of your work in good time to ensure that even projects currently on hold are not forgotten when you hand things over before going on leave. Often, customers, service providers or colleagues get back in touch at the very moment we are not expecting it. Precisely allocating the tasks you have complied in this way to the relevant representatives  and performing a structured handover is also vital. Ultimately, the thought of the clear desk you left behind will significantly improve the desire to return.

However, even if your out-of-office message is activated, the best preparation will be no use if you have not arranged how the incoming tasks should find their way to the designated recipients. This is where IT tools can help. In easysquare workflow, you can quickly and easily maintain rules on holiday cover. Tasks that would usually appear in your own work basket are automatically forwarded to the responsible employee stored in the system. A task that is to be performed on behalf of somebody else appears in that person’s work basket in blue instead of red. Representatives can be managed on a task-specific basis, but this process does not automatically transfer authorisations. These must be obtained separately to avoid a potential overstepping of authority.

Holiday cover can also be stored in easysquare mobile. Here too, the representative’s inbox displays his or her colleague’s forms for processing. Systematic rules on representation stored in the system can, of course, also be used for any other purpose, for example in the event of illness.

Combining a handover that is well-prepared and structured with IT-controlled task distribution not only allows you, the employee, to enjoy a stress-free holiday right up until the very last day. Colleagues, customers, service providers and other stakeholders also benefit from uninterrupted, straightforward processing of existing projects.

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