Becoming an Attractive Employer with CREM

It’s no secret that efficient Corporate Real Estate Management can decisively decrease costs, as confirmed by multiple independent studies. PROMOS has reported on this in the past. A new study by CoreNet Global and ZIA has how uncovered other interesting facts related to this topic.

Minimisation of vacancies, timely termination or renewal of leases, efficient utilisation of office space – all of these are logical and obvious goals and advantages of successful Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM). As the tech partner for the digitalisation of your property management, PROMOS offers a wide spectrum of smart management tools – from project controlling to consistent and automatable process controlling as well as the management of your leases and other documents. The role-based, workflow-supported and, above all, device-independent application for digital real estate management on the Fiori® Launchpad was recently unveiled at the 14th OpenPromos user forum.

The topic of CREM is now gaining even more importance thanks to the advancing digital transformation, as described in the study “Challenges of Corporate Real Estate Management in Structural Change” by CoreNet Global and ZIA1. The digitalisation of products and business models requires a fundamental rethinking of how we use office space and other properties. According to the study, approximately 50 percent of all space will have to be redeveloped by 2030 in order to accommodate new work environments.

Notable here is the view that Corporate Real Estate Management should not only be driven by the motive of cost reduction. The creation of new utilisation concepts specially tailored to employee needs and the requirements of business processes can influence the cultural and strategic development of a company (cf. Björn Christmann, President of CoreNet Global in Central Europe). A structurally efficient work environment that is attractive to employees can thus increase both overall productivity and the company’s appeal as an employer. In 75 percent of the companies surveyed, the real estate alone had a decisive influence on the attractiveness of the company for employees. Against the backdrop of the current shortage of skilled labour, a successful and efficient CREM can only become even more of a crucial competitive advantage.

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