Roll the film! Less paper, more efficiency at HWS

The Hilfswerk-Siedlung GmbH (HWS) has opened its doors to give an exclusive look at their internal processes. The video presents the digital processing of incoming invoices. Process automation through easysquare workflow ensures that this is more than just a valuable environmental contribution.

As a future-oriented company that is continually working to optimise its workflows and advance the digitisation of both its internal and external processes, the transition to a digital invoice receipt workflow  was a logical step.

But where to even begin when a company is flooded with paper invoices on a daily basis despite the desire to replace the entire cumbersome paper-based system? For this purpose, HWS uses an external service provider who scans the companies incoming invoices so that they can then be easily processed digitally in SAP®. The latter step represents the real highlight of the solution. Using easysquare workflow, SAP® can automatically assign the respective task, such as reviewing or releasing the invoice, to the correct agent. Users are shown step by step when they must complete which tasks. This saves time and resources for individual employees. Marco Nadig, Director of Accounting/Finances at HWS, describes the introduction of the easysquare invoice receipt workflow as “a complete success”. You can hear what other employees say while also getting a behind-the-scenes look at HWS in our video.

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