Effective and efficient: automatically activate potential tenants for the tenant app

There is nothing so disturbing to users as to fill in fields, forms and queries in digital applications. On the position of housing companies, duplication of forms is just as annoying. There is also an effort to inform a new tenant about the existence of a tenant app.

The easysquare tenant app has been linked to the potential tenant app as a standard solution since last year. This means that companies wishing to implement the two solutions do not have to introduce two apps – instead, they can efficiently handle this with a single solution. With no registration required, users have the opportunity to search among all the company’s available units and send enquiries about specific listings to the company. Upon registering, potential tenants can set up their own profiles and even upload documents related to the rental agreement ahead of time. If a rental contract is signed, it is possible to store an activation code for the user in the SAP® ERP system using the corresponding easysquare workflow process. Activation of the rental contract also automatically activates the tenant app services “Contracts”, “Defect reporting” and “Service” – all without the user having to request an activation code or scan a paper one. Added value has never been so comfortable! The user can now access their contract documents, see the management bulletin board or send messages to the property managers. This win-win process represents a huge increase in efficiency and guaranteed satisfaction for both sides.

Summary: Everyone involved in the process is now connected through the fully networked easysquare platform. An unbeatable all-around solution for digital real estate management.

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