What comes after the upgrade? The easysquare professional app under iOS 15

Check it out! iOS 15 is ready to launch and will be serving up a host of new features this autumn. The upgrade to the new operating system also brings with it changes to our easysquare professional app for all mobile users with iOS devices. To make things easier, we have put together this list of current release notes:

The easysquare professional app is the all-rounder for digital property management. It provides everything you need for professional property management – from the classic inventory recording and change of tenant to inspection of properties as part of the legal safety regulations or acceptance of construction measures. The possibilities for real-estate management are boundless.

A new iOS version of the Apple operating system is now due to be released in autumn 2021. With iOS 15, the easysquare professional app is only supported from version 6.1 and version 1.8 onwards, which have been available since January of this year. We therefore recommend that you use the current latest release, version 6.136 (available since 28 June 2021). Simply enter the search term “easysquare GmbH” in the App Store and download or update the app there.

Furthermore, software maintenance for the easysquare professional app up to version 1.8 (API 3.6) will be discontinued as of 31 March 2022. Our customers have already been informed in advance. If you have any questions regarding the changeover or interest in an individual product demonstration, please feel free to contact our expert Danny Pfeiffer, Deputy Head of Product Management and Director at PROMOS consult.

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