Settling arrears made easy! The new ePayment in the tenant app

The use of mobile payments is continuously on the rise. In a representative GfK survey*, 66 percent of consumers in Germany stated that they make contactless payments by card, smartphone or smartwatch – and the trend is rising. For the housing industry too, this means that there are new, effective opportunities for the further development of payment-related processes.

One possibility is the service of settling payment arrears via a tenant app. The advantages are obvious. For one thing, customer service is improved and further expanded. An increasing number of people prefer the simple, digital payment at the touch of a button. In addition, this also fulfils the customer’s desire to do as much as possible on a single app. The usage rate of the tenant app is increasing.

At the same time, it represents another decisive winning situation for the housing company, since the most frequently used service is the arrangement of an instalment payment. So far, the process of settling payments has often been slowed down by tedious correspondence and time-consuming hurdles in the payment process. This uncomplicated digital solution increases the willingness to pay and speeds up incoming payments. The reduction in dunning proposals saves on process costs.

The calculation is simple, in the truest sense of the word; if tenants have the option to pay quickly and conveniently, this in turn makes it more likely that companies will receive payments reliably and on time. So how does the settlement of arrears in the easysquare tenant app actually work?

Integration of receivables management in the easysquare tenant app

For this digital payment method, PROMOS consult cooperates with its partner Aareal Bank Group. As a bank with a focus on property financing, it has developed a convenient tool for this purpose, called BK01, which offers a solution for virtual accounts. Virtual account numbers are assigned to the rental contracts. In this way, BK01 functions as an enabler for receivables management. Payment requests are generated and sent automatically. These are displayed in the tenant app and include a “Clear arrears” button. By clicking on this button, the user is directed to a website via a payment link. On the landing page, your tenant selects the desired payment method, can conveniently pay via smartphone and receives the payment confirmation immediately.

The payment procedure also responds flexibly to the tenant. The classic SEPA direct debit procedure with possible return debit notes is replaced by fast, uncomplicated payment methods. For example, Viacash/Barzahlen.de, PayPal and various credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard, are integrated. Incoming payments are recorded in the housing company’s ERP system without the need for manual intervention. When the payment is processed, all the necessary data is simultaneously provided and recorded in the ERP system. The complex checking and processing of alternative payment methods is thus completely automated via the platform and integrated into the ERP system.

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