ERP system for the real estate industry: making the most of SAP® solutions with PROMOS.GT and PROMOS.GT ready2

Efficiently controlling complex workflows can be a major challenge for companies if they don’t use state-of-the-art digital technology. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems combine all business processes in a single, integrated system. They therefore play a major role for modern real estate companies wanting to advance their business in the digital world. There are solutions for the real estate industry that can be used to tailor ERP systems specifically to the requirements of the sector: PROMOS.GT and PROMOS.GT ready2. But what is an ERP system and what advantages does it offer? We answer these questions and many more here!

Simply put, what is an ERP system? 

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a software solution that helps companies to organise and automate their various business processes. These processes can include areas such as accounting, warehouse management, sales, purchasing and human resources. The ERP system makes it possible to integrate all these processes into a single, centralised system, thus greatly improving data consistency and process efficiency. 

What are some examples of well-known ERP systems? 

ERP systems support companies in the integrated management of their business processes. One outstanding solution is SAP S/4HANA®; SAP’s integrated ERP suite offers comprehensive functions in finance, procurement, production and more. It is particularly known for its real-time analyses and forecasting capabilities. Other companies also offer ERP systems, including Oracle (Oracle ERP Cloud) and Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics 365). 

The systems help companies to optimise their business processes, become more efficient and make sound decisions based on the best possible foundations. There is a large range to choose from. All have their specific advantages and are particularly suitable for certain applications. Companies should choose the ERP solution best suited to their specific needs. Given the variety of solutions available, this is no easy task, so having an experienced partner at your side can be a great help. Professional advice can help any company to find the ideal ERP system for its own individual requirements and needs.  

When do I need an ERP system? 

A company should consider an ERP system if it: 

  • has plans for growth: As a company grows, its business processes become more complex. An ERP system makes it easier to manage this change by automating processes and providing data in real time. 
  • wants to increase efficiency: Companies wanting to optimise their workflows and increase efficiency will find ERP systems to be a valuable solution. 
  • needs real-time data for decision-making: An ERP system makes it possible to collect and analyse data in real time, thus enabling users to make informed business decisions. 
  • wants to ensure data consistency: Integrating all business processes into a single system ensures that the data is consistent and reliable, which in turn improves the accuracy of reports and analyses. 

Real estate management software based on SAP®  

No matter whether you already use SAP® ERP and are planning to convert to S/4HANA® or are aiming to introduce SAP®, the project will affect all of your company’s workflows. For this reason, good planning, structured implementation and experience in managing such large-scale projects are crucial to making the ERP implementation or changeover a success.  

We have been supporting companies in the real estate industry for many years and are familiar the requirements of the sector. We will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance for your project too. Together, we will define the ideal project approach, identify the required modules and solutions, and thus ensure that your digitalisation project is a great success. Our PROMOS.GT and PROMOS.GT ready2 templates, which have been developed especially for the requirements of the real estate industry, provide an excellent basis for implementing your SAP® ERP system.  

PROMOS.GT: The comprehensive collection of solutions for digital real estate management 

As an open solution library for real estate management workflows, PROMOS.GT offers a wide range of applications and preconfigured work packages for the use of SAP® in real estate and facility management. This generic template pools solutions that have been developed in projects with customers from the real estate and construction industry.  

The expandable, flexible framework covers all aspects of real estate management, enabling companies to find solutions tailored to their requirements and wishes and/or develop their own individual solutions. PROMOS.GT offers various modules and functions that customers can select and customise as required. For example, users can use the project cockpit to efficiently plan construction and maintenance measures, use the easysquare Professional app to integrate mobile work steps, carry out the tenant change process efficiently, integrated into SAP®, and much more.   

Using the approach inherent to PROMOS.GT, sustainable solutions can be created that are then available and can be reused in future customer projects. In this way, the solution library is constantly being expanded to include digital innovations that benefit not only new customers, but also customers who already use PROMOS.GT.

Figure 1: Role-based system access on the PROMOS.GT home screen. All employees are only shown the functions that they actually need. 

The benefits of PROMOS.GT at a glance: 

  • Sustainable solutions: Over 80 per cent of projects are based on reusable solutions that can be made available in PROMOS.GT for existing and new customers. 

  • Flexibility and individualisation: Functional modules can be tailored to the specific needs of each company and flexibly expanded. 

  • Efficiency and time savings: Pre-defined workflows make it possible to get started with technical project work right away and simplify communication between consultants and key users. 

Thanks to the ready-made work packages, extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and predefined solutions, PROMOS.GT becomes a universal toolbox and ideally complements the SAP solution as the market leader among ERP systems.  

PROMOS.GT is perfect for companies wanting to benefit from predefined solutions and tried-and-tested work packages. With PROMOS.GT, you can add individual functions and process structures to your ERP system by means of customising and additional developments. This is especially aimed at companies that manage complex, industry-specific workflows.  

PROMOS.GT ready2 – an SAP® system for the real estate industry, out-of-the-box and ready-to-use! 

PROMOS.GT ready2 is a complete, preconfigured SAP® system developed especially for the housing industry. The solution offers predefined modules for various real estate management functions such as financial accounting, rental management, correspondence and maintenance, to name just a few. PROMOS.GT ready2 is designed to offer companies a fast, straightforward solution that is ready to use immediately, without long implementation times and time-consuming configurations. After all, an SAP® implementation doesn’t have to be complex, time-consuming and expensive! 

Figure 2: PROMOS.GT ready2 enables companies to manage their properties professionally and efficiently. With the digital account information for property managers, the focus is always on the tenants – a highlight from the Real Estate Management module.  

The out-of-the-box solution has been specifically developed for real estate companies looking for an ERP system that is immediately ready to use. With the pre-configured SAP® solution, we ensure that the company can work productively in the shortest possible time without having to undergo any long implementation phases. Despite this, the solution can be customised thanks to flexible but standardised modules. It can thus be adapted to specific needs and requirements and expanded as required. You can find out more about the project procedure with PROMOS.GT ready2 in this article

The benefits of PROMOS.GT ready2 at a glance: 

  • Fast delivery: Thanks to standardised project procedures, an SAP® system can be delivered with PROMOS.GT ready2 in just a few weeks and can be used productively within 3-6 months. 

  • Low implementation costs: Thanks to prefabricated configuration and flexible expansion options, implementation costs are minimised. 

  • High level of future compatibility: SAP® as an innovative technological basis guarantees high system stability and long-term maintainability.  

PROMOS.GT ready2 is particularly suitable for companies that have limited specialist IT resources of their own, do not require any extensive customisation and want to benefit from low costs and short implementation times. This SAP® system is suitable for all sectors of the industry: housing associations, municipal companies or property management companies.

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Whether you are looking for a customised solution or need a ready-to-use platform, PROMOS offers innovative real estate management software that makes digital real estate management perfectly easy. Decades of experience in implementing ERP systems make the consultancy Europe’s leading provider of SAP® business consulting in the real estate industry. We can find the right solution for everyone – from up-and-coming small businesses to real estate companies operating across Europe. 

Read our magazine to find out more about the successful projects we have implemented with our customers. Do you need advice or support with the introduction of an ERP system yourself? Get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you.   

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