We’ve broken the 100,000 mark – the easysquare tenant app success story

Thanks to 22,131 new registrations in 2023, we are proud to announce that we have over 100,000 active tenant app users. A true success story that started five years ago with the first introduction at a customer. Today, the easysquare tenant app has numerous functions, but the core idea behind it has always remained the same: giving tenants a resource that serves as a control centre for communication with the landlord. But which tasks do tenants currently complete using the app on a daily basis? And how is this reflected in figures?

In contact with the landlord

We’ve all experienced it: the idea of reaching for the telephone without knowing who will pick up at the other end has been causing some people to break out in a nervous sweat, and not only since chat systems became a widespread phenomenon. No matter whether it’s to arrange a doctors appointment, discuss an issue with your Internet service provider or subsequently add a piece of luggage to your flight booking – these days we generally prefer to use digital methods. After all, this provides obvious benefits. My inquiry is documented in writing, I can complete the task alongside something else, I don’t disturb anyone in my immediate surroundings and am largely independent from the working hours of my contact person. This new-found convenience has also been finding its way into tenant communication for a few years now. To send a defect report, tenants simply click on the corresponding tile and complete the form that is stored there. Images can be attached directly. The landlord immediately has all the required data in one place, and no information is lost. And what about the tenants? They are informed about the processing status and an appointment for rectification can also be arranged via the app. A win-win situation for both parties. And how often did our users take advantage of this service in 2023? A total of 52,600 defect reports and 47,400 service notifications were transmitted. Imagine if the phone had rung in service centres across the country that many times!

Self-service brings relief

Adapting communication channels to the requirements of modern tenants is just one of the demands that the easysquare tenant app satisfies. Almost as an aside, some of the tasks that service employees would otherwise have to complete could also be outsourced to the app. For example, tenants no longer need to contact their landlord with questions regarding their contract or the consumption costs for hot water and heating. This information is available in the app as a self-service feature. Another way the solution saves resources.

Push information via bulletin board

There’s something homely about having a bulletin board in your building’s hallway. But let’s be honest, it’s a bit of a relic of the past. Notices are rarely added to these household information boards these days, and it’s even more rare for tenants to actually look at them. Digitisation of the bulletin board brings users, property managers and landlords into contact. Important information – as well as interesting offers – can be pushed in a whole new way. Your tenants will be thrilled! And, after all, high tenant satisfaction is the be-all and end-all for modern letting companies.

The list of functions our easysquare tenant app provides is long. We are always pleased when we look at the usage figures and see that there is real traffic here. Tenants are retained and employees’ workloads reduced. Especially in light of the growing shortage of experts, this is a key argument for the use of modern tenant apps. We are looking forward to developing the app further in 2024.

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