When employees suddenly have to work from home – PROMOS provides a digital pen for signatures

Transitioning your employees to working from home went surprisingly smoothly, but then a major challenge came up. How can the necessary signatures be applied to contracts, invoices or offers securely and easily? PROMOS is here to help with the easysquare signature process.

The remaining challenges to a digitalised corporate world – these are the areas where most companies still reach for a pen

As a housing company, you have been fully immersed in the digital age for a long time. Tenant requests are already processed electronically using a ticket system in SAP®, apartments are rented using the easysquare app and defects remedied via the craftsmen portal. So you are well prepared for times like these! But there is still one small weak spot: your heads of department and managing directors have still personally added their signature to any contracts until now. Specifying authorisations and processes seemed too tedious and the risks of digital signatures being misused too great. PROMOS has the solution.

Obtain signatures securely via workflow with the easysquare signature process

PROMOS customers have always used the proven process controlling solution easysquare workflow for all types of release processes. This greatly reduces paper consumption, employees do not have to personally go from one office to the next looking for the responsible person, and at the end of every process all the individual steps that have been carried out are clearly visible with their result in the SAP® system. This is an excellent step en route to complete digitisation. Companies are benefiting even more from this during these challenging times. With the easysquare signature process, we are enhancing this solution with a key function. In combination with the OpenPromos® Corporate Correspondence (OPCC) interface, employees can request a signature from the respective responsible employee when creating documents that require a signature. An additional button in OPCC allows a process to be initiated in easysquare workflow. After the necessary information has been entered, such as the contact person or deadline, the employee who has been commissioned with signing the document receives a release process in the work basket. If this person then provides their approval, the document will be automatically completed with the digital signature stored in the system and can now be sent. This allows you to surmount physical hurdles when all employees are working from home and also provides significant time and transparency gains for future work back in the office. Contact us for a personal consultation!

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